Friday, April 27, 2007

on council.

it's a truth universally acknowledged that council, or at least Meridian Junior College council, is a whole bunch of bollocks. It's humourous, bordering on sad, that they think think themselves to be noble purveyors of public service, generally beloved by the school population when they are in fact, thoroughly repugnant. From their sheer hypocrisy to the nausea-inducing ass kissing to their debilitating inability to do anything of value, it is wonder how the people in council are often mistaken for Meridian's finest. Their whole existence is, and I do not mince my words, one big massive joke.

One really needn't look further than how they were elected into office in the first place. It is by no means an exaggeration to say that the whole campaigning process is a laughable sham. Every year, without fail, a whole bunch of would be councillors will take to the stage and try to outdo each other in the closest thing Meridian has to a talent contest. Instead of trying to win over voters with their charm (presumably becase they have none) they bank on their supposed singing, joke telling abilities. Nevermind that a good singing voice is hardly an indicator of general leadership capabilities. The ones who aren't fortunate enough to be endowed with any semblance of talent resort to flat out lying and making exceedingly ludicrous declarations like promising to single-handedly improve the variety of food available in the canteen(whole load of shit), bridge the gap between the student body and the faculty (more shit), put a stop to global warming etc etc, the kind of rubbish. The whole process of ensuring the most capable candidates get eleceted degenerates in to a dog and pony show, where solid credentials gives way to popularity and shameless show boating. It doesn't quite help that most candidates have bullshit and totally unimaginative tag lines and catchphrases that reek of substandard English like "Feel angry? Feel depressed? Feel joy?"

To be fair, the Meridian student body can be hardly described as a discerning electorate, lapping up whatever bollocks the council nominees can possibly dish out. To that end, we wholly deserve the ugly mother fucker councillor on a major power trip, asking us to hurry to the hall for assembly.

It gets worse during soccer matches in school. Council nominees bend over backwards, frothing at the mouth trying to outdo each other in the cheering stakes and in the process annoying the fuck out of the people who genuinely want to watch the match. Fully-fledged councillors are far from exempt too. They somehow don't get that some spectators do not quite share the same enthusiasm as they do when it comes to breaking into some bullshit, trigger happy puerile cheer. But they keep asking incessantly anyway, even demanding it sometimes and then wonder how come some people have the gall to tell them to fuck off to their ugly mugs. They bemoan the fact that students have hardly any trace of school spirit. Otherwise, why wouldn't anyone want to scream till their lungs give out and do ridiculous hand gestures at the same time. Big fucking mystery of the ages.

However some of us are not so easily fooled. We know full well that most councillors, despite their most vehement denials, actually do not give half a shit about the school. Their just in it to pimp their flagging testimonials so that entry into university will be a shade easier. Also, most councillors are hardly the noble role models they are made out to be. Not even close. They're rude, unhelpful, self-righteous and for the most part, consumed by self importance; patting themselves on the back from time to time for a job well done. I mean, most of us would be hard pressed to name a successful event that council has organised. Every single one of them has been a complete and utterly dismal failure, laughable in its execution.

For one thing, they get awfully touchy when it comes to any criticism thrown their way. Just because they are in council, they fancy themselves to be totally immune from any criticism. The moment anyone disses council, they cry blue murder and withdraw into their collective shell, hoping that a teacher mentor would help convey their disdain by confronting the crtitic and dismissing the comments as, and i quote, "giving the wrong impression about council"; strong-arming said critic into an apology.

Do not get me wrong, some councillors are nice and decent people who genuinely work their asses off for the betterment of the school. These people are responsible and capable; they go about their business without a trace of pretentiousness. The kind of people that council really should consist of. This entry is obviously not directed at them. It's the wankers and scum in council that make this blog entry long overdue. Somebody had to take a stand. And about fucking time too.

So council, be on your toes. We're watching.

and then there was light.

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